Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of image formats can I paste onto snaggy?

Snaggy can accept the following formats:
  • Raw data, such as from a screen capture or image editor selection, or when you right click on an online image and choose to copy it.
  • A local file path to an image.
  • A local image file. Only one image at a time is currently allowed. Support for multiple image uploading is coming soon.
  • A URL to an online image.
  • Rich text, such as when you highlight an image on a website and copy it.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

Yep! Here is a complete list.

From anywhere an your computer:
  • Capture an image of your screen to your clipboard: Print-Screen
  • Copy the selected area in any image editor: Ctrl + C
  • Copy the selected image file on your computer: Ctrl + C
On the snaggy website:
  • (home page) Paste an image: Ctrl + V
  • (after pasting) Copy URL to clipboard: Ctrl + C
  • (after pasting) Enter editor mode: E
  • (editor) Undo: Ctrl + Z
  • (editor) Redo: Ctrl + Y or Ctrl + Shift + Z
  • (editor) Save changes: Ctrl + S
  • (editor) Select Crop tool: C
  • (editor) Select Pen tool: P or B
  • (editor) Select Rectangle tool: R
  • (editor) Select Text tool: T

Which browsers do snaggy support?

Snaggy works on all modern browsers, but it works best with Chrome 12+ and Firefox 4+, where it can paste images using HTML5. On other browsers, snaggy needs to use a Java applet to read your clipboard, which will require your permission.

Why do I need to grant snaggy permission to run?

For users who aren't running a recent version of Chrome or Firefox, snaggy needs to use a Java applet to read your clipboard. It needs your permission in order to read the clipboard contents.

I found a bug! What should I do?

Let me know! Send an email with a description of what happened. Try to take a screenshot of your error, if you can!

What is snaggy built with?

Snaggy is built with Java, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and a 'lil bit of Python. The editor was created with Raphaël. Snaggy is hosted by NearlyFreeSpeech and Amazon Web Services.

Other questions

There is some more information on the about, contact, and terms pages.