paste images straight to the web!
copy an image to your clipboard, then

press Ctrl + V
pasting your image...


capture your screen with your keyboard's Print Screen key.

The Print Screen key is your snapshot button. The name may be abbreviated to something like Prt Scr.

Press it once to capture an image of everything on your screen, then paste it to snaggy to save the result and share it online.

You can also press Alt+Print Screen to take a picture of just the active window.

(Instructions for Mac users)
For Mac computers, press Command+Shift+Control+3 to take a snapshot of everything on your screen, then paste it to snaggy to save the result and share it online.

If you want to copy just a specific window, press Command+Shift+Control+4, and then click on the window you want to copy.

(Instructions for non-Mac users)

use snaggy's simple editor to crop and annotate your image.

Once you paste your image, use snaggy's editor to trim your picture with the Crop Tool.

Draw notes with the Pen Tool, highlight or redact with the Rectangle Tool, and add text with the Text Tool.

Save your changes when you are finished and share the result!

you can also paste selections from your favorite image editor.

Snaggy lets you paste any image data from your clipboard — even selections from other image editors.

For example, in Photoshop or Paint, select a region with the Marquee tool and copy it to your clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C. Then upload it in one easy step by pasting it to snaggy.

paste local files and images from websites into snaggy.

You can upload an image file just by copying it from your file browser and pasting it to snaggy. Multiple file upload is coming soon!

Pasting an image from another website is easy: just copy the image or its URL and paste it in snaggy. You can even highlight it in the browser and copy the rich text.

Remember: any kind of image data on your clipboard can be uploaded onto snaggy with just one paste.